Workout in the gym after the meal

When you are in OMAD and you feel that you need a workout, do you go to the gym after the meal or before the meal. There are pros and cons on this issue because when you do the workout before the meal that means you are exercising while hungry. On the other hand when you do the workout after the meal, that’s fine but all the nutrients that you had eaten will be burned. Perhaps I will choose the first one which is exercising before the meal for at least I will feel normal when I finally go to the dining table after a workout.
I personally choose to workout before I have my meal. I do this for multiple reasons.

The first reason is actually a simple matter of convenience: I get heartburn if I workout after eating. I don’t have the time to just sit around and wait for a meal to digest, but if I workout after eating, I’m guaranteed to have heartburn and even some minor regurgitation—yuck, I know. I can obviously get around this issue by working out before I eat.

I also like working out before eating because then my body is tapping into its natural energy reserves and helping me burn more fat. I was always afraid of working out on an empty stomach because I thought I’d faint, but the truth is I haven’t noticed any increase or decrease in intensity whether I’ve eaten or not.
I don't know about medically but it will be choking for me to start exercising after a meal,I do all my activities before taking my meal, that way I will be relaxing when I need to after eating.
I think exercising before the meal is much better but I find myself having more motivation and energy after my meal so I just do it that way. I think as long as you get some physical activity then it will most likely be better than not doing it at all so having it before or after the meal is not too important even though one may be more efficient than the other. As long as you get to do your exercise then you're better off, in my opinion.
I exercise after my meal but not immediately after, around 2 hours after. I get tired and out of breath easily when I exercise before meals. Also, it burns the calories, not the nutrients.
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