Earn points at Walgreens for tracking your weight and fitness activities !

If you shop at Walgreens, you probably know that they have a Walgreens Rewards card that you can use to earn points as you shop. When you accrue points, you can use those reward points as cash to purchase something from Walgreens.
One of the things that Walgreens does is help you track information like weight, heart rate, blood pressure , as well as fitness activities. You just need to make an account if you do not already have one , for their Balance Rewards program.
Since I use an Apple Watch fitness tracker, it syncs with the Walgreens rewards programs and gives me points for activities, like how many steps I walk, or for going to the fitness center, or even for getting enough sleep.
Good exercise goes hand in hand with eating healthy meals on OMAD, and I have found that just knowing that I get rewarded for doing the activities, actually motivates me to try harder to “get those steps in” each day.
There are probably other similar programs to the one Walgreens has, so it would be good to see if you can qualify for a rewards program to help inspire you to try harder with health and fitness goals.
Ah nice, there's a Walgreens nearby that I go to every once in a while, so I'm going to have to try this out. Didn't even know about this program. Thanks for sharing.
I am a senior and have a Medicare Advantage program through Humana, and Humana has a program called 365GO that also gives me points for steps every day (up to a point) and the points are redeemable for gift cards.
I already redeemed one $50 gift card, and next month will be redeeming another one.
This is a great benefit from something that helps motivate a person to take better care of their health !