1. Micdoox2

    OMAD for anti-inflamation benefits?

    Greetings all! New here and new to OMAD although I’ve done keto off and on for awhile. I’m wondering if anyone has experience with using OMAD for its impact on inflammation in the body? My story goes like this- 3 years ago I had a very healthy active lifestyle. I’ve never struggled with weight...
  2. katarinamurtin

    How to successfully cut back on carbs?

    I was really trying to this for a long time, but I always get back to them and I eat an entire chocolate, 5 apples and potato chips! I can't live like this people! Give me an advice that helps.
  3. Meshack Bwoyele Keya

    Is OMAD Part of Keto or is Keto part of OMAD?

    I have often heard people taking OMAD with Keto and termed it very effective. It has made me think whether these are two separate diets or are interwoven together. Can somebody explain to me. I need elaborations. What do you say?