Walking is a good workout

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For a low impact exercise I would suggest walking for atleast 30-45 minutes on different kinds of terrain. You can walk uphill and downhill or even use a lot of stairs as well as on regular flat terrain like walking in large malls. Doing this would tone up your leg, calves, thigh muscles and it would also help you develop your abs and other lower body muscles. It's easy to do and you can do it both indoors and outdoors or a combination of both.
I totally agree with you,days I can't go full cycle with my workout I just take a long walk and I know the benefits are enormous. Walking gives us the needed balance and strong bones we need ,make us fit and even helps tackle diseases like high BP and body pains.
Where I live the common means of transport are buses. They are called matatus and you can board one to get to a small distance. I love ignoring them when I am not in so much of a hurry and taking the walk instead. You should never underestinate what small things can add up to. By walking for minor distances on several days of the week I am able to maintain a perfect physique in conjunction with proper working out.
I agree. Walking is really a great exercise. I usually take my walking exercise early in the morning and when going to school. Instead of taking a cab, I will just walk to get to my destination. I realized that walking is fun especially when you have music plugged into your ears. It could really help lose weight and tone your muscles without requiring too much energy.
My workplace isn't that far from my home, it's at least 40 minutes walk from my house to the office. Knowing the benefits of having a walk every now and then, I took out some days I get to trek home after work instead of using one of the company's vehicles. Walking helps with blood circulation and it keeps one fit.
I do jogging at one place as it is part of the drills on my fitness app and I can liken the effects to walking as a form of exercising. The benefits is that you will always remain agile and on alert for the rest of the day and that is one sure way to burn the fats easily.
The best ecercise you can do in your life. One reason is that it is free and no need any requirements or uniforms unlike the other exercises that required equipments and more. Running makes a lot of improvement in our body especially the blood circulation.
Walking can help you exercise your brain too. As you walk you think deeply and come to terms with what is ailing you or what you can do.

Walking exercises are very good. I find it hard to walk downhill than uphill.
This is very very true. I actually walk every day just to make sure that I am perspiring every day because I am actually unable to exercise a lot these days with all the paper works and stuff that I need to do in order to survive my college life and graduate without failing grades. I've actually heard that walking is a much better exercise and I've also read from an article that a person needs to make 10,000 steps every day to stay active.
Where I worked before, our offices were in the 29th floor. I started going down after work through the stairs instead of the elevator. Before long, I kind of created a club. We became a "health-conscious club" of colleagues going home from work via the stairs. It was a really great workout, you know. At the beginning, both my legs would tremble. As soon as I get to the ground floor, I could not walk straight, haha! But now, I just walk around the neiighborhood, found some stairs, but it's only three floors high.
Taking walks burn calories similar to jogging however much less taxing at the joints and muscle. Of course 20 mins taking walks is not similar to 20 mins running, the calories burn is rely upon the speed consistent with min. However as most can’t last running as taking walks, a few perceived walking as a better alternative as most layman perception is body only start to burn fats and many others after at least 30 mins of preliminary activity.
Walking is also effective light exercise. I do jogging-walking routine every morning when I don't have schedule with my trainor in gym. Actually is also good for our cardiovascular system. Well, any exercise really is good.
Working is truly a good exercise and also a form of relaxation. Walking for 30 mins. a day burns calories. It is also nice to walk around in parks, breathing the fresh air specially in the provinces. Walking can also be a form of communing with nature. Walking with friends can be enjoyable too and you can just walk your dog in your neighborhood for 30 mins. and you are able to have your exercise. It is easy and beneficial to your body.
I absolutely agree, walking is a great exercise specially to those people at older age. They can do walking early in the morning as their daily routine and help their body to feel more alive. Atleast 30-40 minutes of walking will do. Take a walk around your neighborhood, smell fresh air, enjoy beautiful surroundings.
I do this everyday walking outside for about 3 minutes to an hour. It makes me happy and energised at the same time it serves as my cardio prior to doing some heavy workout. It also improves the flow of the blood in the body and it is one of the more natural ways of doing exercise.
I was like walking everytime I buy bread in the morning and that is my first experince on walking exercise. Now, I run on ovals and I suggest that it is good kind of exercise. Free and enjoyable.
Yes, walking is not a hard workout. You can do it at least 30 to 60 minutes a day. When you are staying most of the time inside the house this way you can take advantage of benefits of walking everyday. It not only makes your muscle tone, it also make you stronger and think sharper. Walking outdoors will make you more exposed to sunlight that activates calcium for the bones to be strong.

A little bit of walk everyday before bed will give you a sound sleep because of good blood circulation.
Would walking on a straight path (say you walk to your office) be considered as work-out? Would it have the same effect as walking uphill or downhill? Cause I do walk to my office but I don't really feel like it's work out. It feels more of a work. It is kinda tiring. Maybe because I do it everyday.
Would walking on a straight path (say you walk to your office) be considered as work-out? Would it have the same effect as walking uphill or downhill? Cause I do walk to my office but I don't really feel like it's work out. It feels more of a work. It is kinda tiring. Maybe because I do it everyday.
Of course it is. As long as you are moving, you are working your legs. It keeps the blood circulation flowing inside the body and it helps in developing tissues and muscles too. Also boost the energy you need in days work.
Yes. They said that walking is good exercise especially if you walk in an inclined places. It strengthen your body and make you improve your balance and mood. If you walk uphill, it helps you to tone your legs, stomach and butt through natural movement of your muscle which is more convenient as you don't have to force your self to run and make extra effort.
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