Starting OMAD tomorrow Dec.15,2019

I intend to start OMAD from tomorrow...I have done IF before though not regularly.
I feel like I should just jump in now..its high time.
I have 50 lbs to lose.
I want to use this amazing community space to journal my days and experience with fasting. My biggest struggle is eating out of boredom, I am a SAHM and so spend a large part of my day alone. I want to also keep myself busy.
I have found that if I write down my thoughts all through the day then I am mindful of what I eat .
Hopefully this will be a good start and I will be consistent with this fasting.
Please comment to keep me accountable.
My SW is 185 lbs. My eating window should be 7 pm to 8 pm as I want to eat dinner with my family.
Good luck on your journey. It will be tough at first, but once you get over the cravings and eating out of boredom, you will go far.

One thing I'd recommend doing if you fear eating due boredom, is to find hobbies that can help take your mind off of it. For me I like video games, and will play them to relax before my meal.
I wish you luck as well. If writing down. Your thoughts works for you, keep up with it. Also find other hobbies that can help keep your cravings at Bay.

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