I have been reading through this website and feel like this information makes a lot of sense. I started the diet yesterday but ate a couple of apple slices with Chinese herbs I am currently taking that are supposed to be taken with food. I am also wondering about using soy milk in coffee in the morning as I can't stand black coffee. So happy to be starting this journey as I have a lot of weight to loose and my energy, for many years, has been a combination of overwhelm and exhaustion.
HI, @Mana , and welcome to the OMAD diet forum ! As Jimmy mentioned, there are answers to almost everything that you want to know about starting this diet , on the main page of the website, plus Jimmy also has a book that explains in even more detail.
I don’t like black coffee either, and one of the things that I believe, is that a little thing like having a cup of coffee with a dab of cream or soy milk is not going to affect the overall outcome of your diet, providing you are not drinking coffee like that all day.
It is better to compromise than quit, in my opinion, and black coffee is just not something I want to drink either.
It does put you out of autophagy, but you will easily use up the few calories in the soy milk, so one cup should not affect it overall. However, if you see that it does make a difference, then you can make an adjustment. I would rather have a little less for my main meal than give up the dab of cream in my morning cup of coffee.