Easy or tough workouts, which do you prefer?

When it comes to exercising, it can be tough or easy. For me I tend to do workout programs, which often times can be tough to do. But, there is nothing wrong if you want to do easier workouts. For easier, I say workouts like; walking, power walking, cycling, swimming, and general fitness programs with basic fitness levels.

What do you prefer to do? Tough workouts or easy ones? Or a mix of both?
Well, I like easy workouts, but I really need to start pushing myself to work out more. I think tougher workouts would benefit me more. But I hear that easy workouts will still help me lose weight considering I'm at a high weight already. I'll still lose some weight either route I take, or so I imagine.
Depends on what you want to get out of your workout. If you want to get fit, tougher workouts would help. But if you just want to get healthy, but not get fit, stuff like walking for example works. Jogging, swimming etc.

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