day 44 thoughts

beginning day 44 today

my goals are to be binge free
and to reduce my insulin doses/useage

for awhile i was binge free
until just recently
and i thought i would stop OMAD
but knew that i couldnt
because before i started OMAD
i had decided that it would be my last
attempt at any control at having control
over my eating
i believe that it was because i brought in
some "good" foods i like too much
and it was too tempting
so a lesson learned

my other goal has still been met
i still have the reduced insulin doses

i still need to work on not gorging myself
and feeling the need to eat for the whole
(but i have stopped figuring the calories out)
if i eat with others as occasionally happens
i dont gorge because the food is for them too
but by myself its all for me
so i need to continue working on that

another thing is that i need to make the one meal
i still eat bad foods- foods considered junk foods
i know no eating plan will work if i have forbidden foods
but i probably take that too far
so need to work on that

weight loss wasnt my goal but 7 pounds came off
much more needs off but nothing i do really moves
my weight which is why it isnt a goal- to save the disappointment
when it doesnt happen

so have i been successful this far?
i guess i would say yes and no
but i really like the OMAD way of life
so i plan to stay with it


Staff member
It sounds to me like you have been very successful, @pinkbell . Not only are you in the process of changing your whole lifestyle and way of eating; but you have also lost some weight, which you wanted, but were afraid to add in as a goal.
Making a radical life change like OMAD is something that has to take time for our body to get accustomed to doing. For me, it is over three months now, and I have mostly adapted to eating healthier foods, and my stomach doesn’t hold as much food as it used to, so even when I eat more often than I intend to do, I still eat a smaller amount of food.
My weight loss is slow, but it is happening, and I can tell that my body is changing, which is my overall goal. Like you, I want to (and need to) lose weight; but becoming as healthy as I can and taking good care of myself is the main goal I am working towards.
Yes,I think you are on a success path and all you need do is to press the continunity button,just keep.on doing what you are doing and I bet you will see the needed changes no matter how small.It might seem nothing now but I bet in months you will look back and be glad you never stopped.So I encourage you to continue and you stand to be a motivation for newbies to OMAD.
For someone to have done Omad for more than a month shows a great level of success. For once, I think that I am motivated by your thoughts because I was thinking of giving myself a break too from Omad, but your story just motivated me the more.