Two questions: does anyone drink cappuccino during the day or ta with milk

Hi guys,
I know it's not very far I went now (second day) but I have o questions to you guys:

Does anyone drink cappuccino during the day? Had one around noon and one five pm.
+ I drink black tea with around one quarter milk (max.) quite many cups to be honest.

I feel way more fit; usually so far I've been very lazy, always....

Second day so far: I eat around seven pm
Amd wonder how one's pooing behavior changes, if I may ask.. I would be interested -and I know it sounds stupid- how often and when others with a similar time to eat, poo.
By the way I eat whatever.

Thanks a lot guys
Keep up the good work in the forum and in the background, highly appreciate,

Gabriel W.

Amd sorry for the stupid question, but I didn't find no information about that here
Hi Gabriel, When I started OMAD it took me say about a week to get used to feeding once a day, You body will get used to it and your hunger pangs will subside. For me this OMAD was the thing I was looking for. In my younger years I was a gym rat and could eat and drink anything I wanted. Then I became a couch potato and gained 90 lbs in about 10 years. Then the arrhythmia started and the swelling in my lower legs. I went back to the gym and it didnt help to get rid of my visceral fat problem. After 2.5 months on OMAD I lost 45 lbs no more noticeable arrhythmia and the swelling in my lower legs have gone.

As for your question lol I forgot about that......I just drink water and black coffee and green Tea. The coffee and green tea are known to be appetite suppressants, try and stay away from sugar its the white death, more addictive than cocaine. SO THEY SAY.......
hello Nutsy,
thank you for your Reply! I avoid sugar, If I would ever use one spoonful, which i did the first day, it would be the very dark brown "Mascopado", a very dark raw cane sugar.
To be honest, i'm always a bit lost in time. I think fourth day now, right, started monday, so. What i want to say is that my lust for sugar has decreased, i don't feel that i need it anymore!
Do you think, that a bit of milk is a problem? To be honest, i think, that its not a big issue at all ;) to drink a bit of milk, in the tea and a rare cappucino.
Talking about cappuccino, today i didnt feel like having one, had a normal coffe with just a bit milk, not a lot!

Germany is soon in lockdown :(
hope you guys are fine
if you find the time, write back somthing, thanks a lot :)
Hi Gab, can I call you Gab or you prefer Gabriel?

The macros for 1 cup of milk (Whole) are 13 grams of sugar. Heavy cream are 0.02g so the next question is,
Are you trying to enter Ketosis? If your answer is yes then stay away from sugar. However heavy cream is OK as the Marcos are so low. There are recipes out there for Bullet Coffees. I have tried them and for me they are not favorable.

If you are not trying to enter ketosis then a capp once in a while would be ok in my opinion but remember sugar is turned into glucose in your body and glucose is stored or turned into fat for later use. there are things that I miss cakes cookies all things sweet, french fries everything but sacrifices have to be made to reach your goal. For me when I reach my goal then I will eat what I like within reason and put a 10 pound gain limit in use. Once I het 10 pounds over then I will go back and loose it.

This is not a cure just a tool to stay healthy and or try to get a few more years of life.

:) GT
halllo GT, thats a very good infomration, that heavy cream is ok! thanks, Ill get back to the chat later,

tthanks for this update, very usefull!