Supplements for anxiety, but safe for OMAD?

My anxiety has been a bit rough as of late, work has been extremely stressful, and it got me thinking about some fixes. I was wondering if there are natural supplements I can take to help with my anxiety? But, it has to be well within my diet on OMAD. Any suggestions for good supplements that are safe to take while doing omad?
I hear magnesium is pretty good, but I would also look into; vitamin A, B-Complex, vitamin C & D and more. There's more options, but I'm drawing a blank on them.
Fish oil is a good option I hear, as well, I hear chamomile and lavender can help too. I'd look into those if you haven't yet. I'm sure some supplements include both.
I second the magnesium. Magnesium also has shown to improve sleep patterns. Don’t take too much, it can cause intestinal consequences.
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