Restarting OMAD

Actually starting to feel more like spring is coming this week. I have been eating my big salads with lots of veggies for my OMAD meal, and even drinking some cold water instead of hot coffee or tea.
I got some diet pop on sale at the store, and have had a can of that with my meal a few times as well.
I am so ready for spring, and looking forward to taking Poodle and going out for short walks once the weather is nice again.
Still pretty cold here in the Midwest. We have almost all forms of precipitation today - rain, sleet and now the snow is really coming down. We are supposed to have off and on snow all week. We had a pretty nice January for here, but February has been something else.
I am also enjoying warm food. I did mix up some sugar free lemon juice drink that is refreshing.
I stir fried some cabbage and onions and am cooking some "fried" chicken right now for my meal. Will probably have sugar free jello with blueberries for my dessert today with chia and flax.
Hope all are doing well. Happyflowerlady and Estelle - Hope to hear how you are doing. The weather has finally warmed up a little as we are in the 50's today. Just hope it continues. There is so much flooding a few miles from us here in the Midwest. So much devastation and crops won't get planted this year in that area. It is quite a large area, so is affecting so many.
I am back to OMAD today and feeling great about it. The really cold weather has pretty much made me want to stay in and cook warm foods. Not good for me as I tend to eat too much of it, but am on the right track today. I got outside and walked yesterday and it was so good to get the fresh air and been outside checking my tulips.
Beef stroganoff entree
2 oz cheese
WW cookie
I have been reading some about the flooding in the Midwest, and apparently, it is supposed to be really bad in some places this year.
I have been on vacation with my daughter for the last two weeks; so I have been really lax about following any kind of OMAD eating plan, but have been at least doing IF most days, and just enjoying the awesome Hawaiian food otherwise.
Glad you had a wonderful vacation, Happyflowerlady. Vacations need to be just that - a vacation. We can't always be perfect in our eating, I surely do know that. Hawaiian food is awesome.
I have been doing great this week mostly due to the nice weather we have been having and can get outside away from the kitchen. :)
I am still eating a lot of carbs, but my blood sugar readings are really good. Weight loss is probably a little slower, but seems I have to have carbs in order to feel good. I also eat a pretty balanced diet most of the time. I used to be able to eat boiled eggs and cottage cheese and really lose weight, but since I have gotten older, my body just can't do that.
Hello to all. I am restating Omad today after gaining several pounds back. I was at goal and and let the pounds come back on. I love Omad and will get going and get back to goal. Todays menu
Canned mackerel
Boiled egg
Good luck to all
I feel the same way only eating once a day. Even before starting OMAD I felt eating three or four times a day was way to much food. I have never felt better and lighter lol.
I would rather have one nice meal instead of several little ones while trying to lose weight. Just more satisfying that way. Don't have to think about food all day this way.
Well, I made it through the first day and did really well. Plan on eating more variety today, so should like this meal better. Going to the store and getting more veggies today.
Hope all have a great day.
I had another great day - my second day back to OMAD. Today's menu:
Homemade pineapple pizza
stir fried veggies
milkshake with skim milk and pineapple
flax seed
Ended up with around 700 calories.
Was away today so didn't get my walking done, but will start that tomorrow.