OMAD and snacking on low GI foods?

I'm just getting started off on OMAD and I like it so far, I'm just wondering would snacking on low GI index foods still keep your blood sugar levels / insulin low? I'm just thinking if low GI foods don't spike blood sugar levels / insulin, wouldn't you still be in a fasting state?

Also, if it does spike blood sugar levels / insulin would it even be that much since they are low GI / carb type foods?

Thank you!
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Hi @Dali748. To be honest, I don't completely know the answer, but I think it's best to eliminate snacking all together with omad no matter what the foods are. I have found that my best weight loss results are when I follow the regime strictly and are consistent with my habits.
Lord Falconer of British Lord Chancellor is famous for losing nearly 80 pounds by Eating 1 a day and snacking on apples only. So, make OMAD something that works for you! I limit any thing out side of my one mid-day meal (lunch) to either one apple in the mornings, coffee, tea, raw or broths: low calorie broths (bone broth triggered my hunger though so I don't do bone broths just the other veggie or chicken broths etc. This has to work for you. I find that I eat less at my one meal if I have something earlier if I get too hungry. And it seems more long term sustainable for me this way. You have to figure out what works for you. I just had my apple at 9am and won't eat again till my mid day meal- then nothing after that. At night if I'm hungry I snack on raw veggies only. I'm losing weight. just try to be very structured about it so that you don't end up eating mini meals outside of your one meal. My structure is an apple in the morning. And if I'm hungry then veggies, typically raw, at night.
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