nzmegs - hoping this one works

It is interesting what you say about autophagy. I lost around 50 pounds a few years ago, quite quickly, and found that I had some loose skin around my tummy and thighs. Not really bad - but enough to notice.

I thought it was just the long term price of putting on weight and then losing it. However after a few weeks and months, my skin started to firm up until it looked almost normal. I was following a ketogenic diet (to keep off the weight) and I am sure that helped with the process of replacing my skin cells.

Of course, a few years later, the weight went back on - and here I am!
I have been really hungry today and for the first time, I saw an increase on the scales this morning. I think I overdid the carbs yesterday, but my calories were fine.

I know I shouldn't weigh daily - but it does motivate me. So far this week (since saturday, which is the official weigh in) I haven't really lost anything at all.

I will be eating very lightly tonight - eggs, vegetables and avocado.
Hi @nzmegs. Welcome to the journey amd may you be filled with utmost confidence that this will work out for you. Actually I can bear testimony since I was also having my doubts at first. However, being here has really helped me to adapt and interacting with fellow OMADers has given me all the courage I could ever need.
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