Miso Soup

Tonight I lightly steamed thinly sliced red potato (1), carrot (1/4), and mushrooms (4) and steamed them until potato tender. I added 1 T. of yellow Miso to 1.5 cups of hot water (never boil Miso), to this I added the potato, carrot, mushroom, finely diced green onion and cilantro, and black pepper. In addition, I cooked 1 cup of Kabocha squash (steamed till tender), added some olive oil, Himalayan sea salt, black pepper, and a little cumin, and mashed. So warming and hearty.


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That sounds like a great meal of hot soup for cold weather, which we have been having here in Alabama. I have been drinking the hot broth more often now that it is colder, and I don’t want to have coffee or tea, and hot drinks hit the spot better than iced ones now.

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