Importance of rest for a healthy lifestyle

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100% agree with this! I find that when I'm not getting enough sleep, that's when my body tries to find energy in other sources - and that used to be food! If I was tired I'd just be looking for a chocolate bar, or the most sugary things to give me that fake energy rush. So much easier to just get enough rest!
This is completely correct, rest is the most important for a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, I don't have take enough rest due to my work schedule and the times when I take a rest, that's why when I hit the gym I sometimes cannot get my full potential. Specially when you're working out rest is the partner on getting your peak. If have enough rest then your body is more conditioned when you hit the gym.
I agree, rest is very important in our life because without rest our body will not be able to work properly and can cause a different issue if you didn't rest. This is the reason why I take a rest when I feel tired because I want to recover my energy to work again.
I totally agree with this article. When I'm stress I tend to eat a lot. Since this always happening to me, I made a time schedule to manage my work out and rest time. I make sure that after all the tiring works at school and tiresome trainings I'm still getting enough time to relax my body.
Yes, rest is importance for our healthy lifestyle. Rest gives the body the time to heal and refresh your memory. Sleep atleast 8 hours a day because this is very for your body. Allow yourself to relax for the whole day of working.
100% agree with this! I find that when I'm not getting enough sleep, that's when my body tries to find energy in other sources - and that used to be food! If I was tired I'd just be looking for a chocolate bar, or the most sugary things to give me that fake energy rush. So much easier to just get enough rest!
I also agree with because enough sleep or rest allow you body to heal or refresh. Having good rest is really importance to our body and mind.
I would say that this is the number one tip I would give anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle. It starts with how much sleep you get. When your feeling rested and well there is very little urge to snack or to eat foods that are unhealthy for you. I talk from experience because when I was younger and attending school I used to get maximum 4 hours sleep. Those were the years I really begun to gain weight, also my work at school suffered because I was always asleep and unable to pay attention in class.
Resting is a basic way to rejuvenate your body. You also mentioned stress and anxiety on your article and having enough rest is one of the basic way to recover. Having adequate sleep and healthy way of living is the right combination for longevity and well balanced life.
Resting is not only good for health but also for preventing pimples. Not so related to dieting. LOL. Lately, I've been observing that everytime I don't get enough sleep, my face develops more and more pimples. I know that there are a lot of factors that causes the development of pimples; germs, genes, stress, etc. So everyday I make sure to get enough sleep at least 7 hours a day and it's, so far, effective.
Want to see the best example of the effects of not having enough rest? try doing the heaviest most exhaust-full exercise in your program if you have, if you don't have try doing a heavy household work. Not having enough rest and doing those things will let you feel that your body is as light as paper and you can't even get at your most potential believe me I'm working at a graveyard shift and at the same time I lift. I always feel this way.
I totally agree with this. Whatever exercise you do, if you exhaust yourself too much, you'll never gain what you want to gain. I've actually seen a lot of people who are very passionate to the point that they over exercise and that's dangerous to their health because too much of exercise can weaken our muscles and so we must rest. Others actually get a massage after exercising because it can relax our muscles.
Yeah, that's right. Our body needs some rest all the time, and much better if our minds also take a rest at the same time. Resting will help a lot to bring back our energy and become active again. We should not push our body to things we really want to do, because instead to achieve that, we might ended up to the worst scenario.
Sleeping is the most common way of resting. Too much of it though doesn't feel relaxing, but a bit stressing instead. Anything that's relaxing can be stressing if we overuse it. Just my thought. Hahaha.

If you are a gym person, massage is a good way of releasing muscle pain and stress.
Also before I forgot to add, depraving rest is one of the most dangerous habit of all. It increases stress levels and more stress levels can increase your death percentage due to your body that can't recover since you are always fatigue. It also causes some diseases and body problems, cardiovascular diseases and other diseases.
Hi everyone, I cannot agree more with @amelia88; our brains use a lot of glucose, which is their source of energy, and this is the reason you hardly concentrate without enough sleep. So, I humbly advise all who work to try and always get some rest (at least 6 hours) so as to avoid illnesses like dementia.
There's a saying that goes, " Rest if we must but never quit." Sometimes the head or our thoughts will fail us when the body fails and we think that the world has weighed in so hard on us. This is why sleep is very important because it gives our body rest. There is also anti-stressor like walking in the park or eating/bonding with our family and the like which can be considered as some kind of rest too. The thing is life is not all work. We need to have some leisure or rest time too.
So true we need to rest sometimes. pressure will just make us look old. so we have to balance everything too and have time to rest. to be more healthy for our life.
The Rest is Important To Our LifeSytle Because Resting Give Us a Energy and To Restored Our Mind and our Strenght Will Be Restored and Sleeping Make us Taller and Remove Our Strees and Make our Body Healthier and Our Brain is Relaxing While Sleeping and Sleeping Make us Look Youngrr and Stronger.
This is totally true. It is always the best to relax, take a rest. As they say, everything is clearer after a good night's sleep. If I lack sleep I become irritable. It is hard to focus and to think. I also crave food if I lack sleep.
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