How to NOT lose weight on OMAD

Hello, I am relatively new to the OMAD diet and I am on day 6 of this journey. I wanted to try this diet purely for the health benefits and anti-aging properties it can induce such as autophagy. Ive read that a ketogenic like diet in combination with OMAD will greatly increase these affects.

However, I am NOT interested in losing any weight. I am already lean as it is (160lb 6'2" male). Are there any tips for those not wanting to lose weight but still follow a similar diet? I know it is crucial to maintain a caloric surplus but this seems quite difficult with the above mentioned diet.

Thank you all!
Three thoughts
1. Calculate the calories you need to maintain your weight. Assuming light exercise you would need 2,562 calories per day. Count your calories at the meal to make sure you are getting enough
2.- Eat Calorie dense foods. Like two uncooked cups of spinach is only 14 calories. But it you cook it down you lose the water and the volume. You can eat more that way. So cooked vegetables rather than raw and dried fruits (raisins instead of grapes.
3. Stretch your stomach - When I was in the military I weight 116 lbs before basic training and weighted 116 at the end of basic. I put on a lot of muscle and we were always exercising. At chow time we has very little time to eat. We had to go though the chow line, eat and be back in formation in 15 minutes! It takes 20 minutes for you to register that you are full. I would be in formation after the meal and suddenly that super-full-just-ate-thanksgiving feeling would hit me. That lasted about a week until my stomach stretched out. So my tip is eat really fast before your brain registers that you are full for about a week.
Good Luck and keep me posted!
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