Death Is A Must While Life Is A Journey And To Be Born Is Luck



Birth is a biological function that every living individual has to pass through. However, being born is luck. Your birthplace is what nobody has any choice over. I was born Meshack BWOYELE KEYA in a remote place called Vihiga in Kakamega, Kenya. My names suggest am an African. I love being an African.

I never chose my mom and dad too. My mother, Dinah Doris Lidigu married my dad, Samuel Esau Keya Kegodi. God blessed them with sons and daughters. Meshack BwoyeleKeya happened to be one of them. It was on this fine day of 23rd June, 1960 that my mom held me in her hands. What a frail lad he was!



My life was centred at Vihiga. I grew up the way every young man in the village grew. We played in the mud and ate germs. We experimented with anything. It did not matter whether it was food, toys or the habitat.

We went to school and got Education. We did exams too and moved on. I had greatly wanted to be a teacher. I went to college and graduated as one. I began this noble profession of making Educated people out of young African children. I did a fine job out of it.

The passion of writing however burned in my veins. I loved to see words spring on a white surface. Words which tell a story were what I liked most. Destiny drove me to write online. I am on steemit, hubpages and many others.




It will come one day. It is inevitable. When it comes I need to have left a legacy. People should remember me by my good deeds. My work should speak for itself.

A legacy is all we


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