Bad breath while fasting

Is it normal to have bad breath while fasting.
I used to fast 2 times a day for last 8 years and my breath was ok during the fasts. Not perfect but ok. Now I do 20/4 and I get complaints from friends about my breath.
Is this normal when fasting so often?
Some people said that fasting or meal skipping is one reason of having a bad breath. I'm doing OMAD for almost 2years now. My breath is okay and I haven't receive any bad comment about it so far. I remember reading an article before it said that if our stomach is empty our intestine is not digesting any food it releases some sort of chemical. Sorry, I'm not good in science so I bearly remember it, it's something like that. So that gas or chemical causes the bad breath in short. Try at least, eat some thing or anything. Just try it. Or the best way is consult your physician.
I've been doing OMAD for a month now and I haven't received and bad comments about my breath. So I think that OMAD doesn't affect my breath. I also read an article before saying that bad breath happens when the stomach releases chemicals, I'm just not sure what kind of chemicals it releases.
I heard that if you don't eat food properly you will have a chance to have what we call ulcer and a bad breathe. But with OMAD you still eat and never pass eating. You only make a one window eating time but still you take some food. And in my experience with OMAD I don't get a bad breathe. I guess you get it not because of your diet.
Bad breath may have been caused by some decaying food particles in the mouth or some fungal infection. Am not so sure because I do not think fasting produces bad breath.
Fasting puts the body in ketosis as your body is using ketones as its fuel supply rather than carbohydrates and that method produces acetone the identical chemical utilized in nail polish remover. That acetone may be smelt on the breath. but, I'm no longer certain this explains what occurs while skipping a single meal. So my 2nd idea is that the act of consuming and drinking will clear old decaying meals debris out of your mouth.
You might just be experiencing halitosis due to a lack of saliva and that causes bacteria to build up in your mouth. Some good ways to fight this off are eating more fruits and vegetables with your meal and eliminating more junk food or less healthy or natural ingredients, cleaning your tongue more often with a scraper or brush, drinking more water, and flossing more often.
Let me add this to one's of myths of OMAD - Doing OMAD causes bad breath. This is not true because for all my years being on diet, I have never had any complaints of bad breath from those that are close to me since they are the ones that will easily identify if you have a bad breath or not. Some people don't actually brush well and they pitch their bad breath problem on fasting.
The basic thing to do when having bad breath is to ensure you brush twice a day. Before I began doing Omad, I was faced with the issue of bad breath and my dentist gave me this tip when I visited the hospital. Also, try to always take lots of water during the day as well for it helps in situations like this.
Well,maybe I might be among the lucky ones with good breath even on OMAD diet,I have read about this effect but I haven't really experienced it.I don't know if taking water intermittently could help at least to get fluid into the system from time to time.Bad breath is awful and any remedy should be used to see how it goes.
The basic thing to do when having bad breath is to ensure you brush twice a day. Before I began doing Omad, I was faced with the issue of bad breath and my dentist gave me this tip when I visited the hospital. Also, try to always take lots of water during the day as well for it helps in situations like this.
True. I don't miss out my morning and night brush before going to bed. It helps put my mouth and breath in a good way it would never smell bad. When you brush at night before going to bed, you are definitely going to get rid of all the food particles that would decay in your mouth and probably cause you to have a bad breath in the morning.
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