Restarting OMAD


Staff member
Actually starting to feel more like spring is coming this week. I have been eating my big salads with lots of veggies for my OMAD meal, and even drinking some cold water instead of hot coffee or tea.
I got some diet pop on sale at the store, and have had a can of that with my meal a few times as well.
I am so ready for spring, and looking forward to taking Poodle and going out for short walks once the weather is nice again.
Still pretty cold here in the Midwest. We have almost all forms of precipitation today - rain, sleet and now the snow is really coming down. We are supposed to have off and on snow all week. We had a pretty nice January for here, but February has been something else.
I am also enjoying warm food. I did mix up some sugar free lemon juice drink that is refreshing.
I stir fried some cabbage and onions and am cooking some "fried" chicken right now for my meal. Will probably have sugar free jello with blueberries for my dessert today with chia and flax.