Would Keto increase weight loss on OMAD?

Would adding the keto diet in, help increase weight loss while also on OMAD? I ask because keto has been increasing in popularity these days and I figure if I do keto for my one meal a day, it would help benefit me even more in my weight loss journey. What do you guys think?
I suppose it could. If the keto diet works for you, and you still do your one meal a day, it should be fine. It's possible it could help you lose more, but I can't guarantee it'll be any different than what you're doing now with your one meal a day.
I've heard that doing keto as well as doing omad can pose great benefits. I haven't done so myself, but I hear it works combining the two diets. The idea behind Keto is to eat certain foods high in fat, but with high amounts or protein and low carbs. As long as you follow that, and eat just the one meal a day, it should work.
It's possible it could help with your weight loss. I say give it a try and see where it takes you. If it doesn't work, then go back to your original omad diet.

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