Would it be bad to have my one meal at breakfast?

I'm looking to try omad for the first time finally, and was wondering if it'd be okay if I eat my one meal at breakfast? Or should I move that meal to a later time in the day? Or does it matter?

I like to eat breakfast, so it's something I'd prefer doing over having my meal later on in the day. What would you recommend I do?
It comes down to whether you can handle the rest of the day. I prefer in the afternoon sometime. I don't crave food until later in the day anyway, so it's never been a problem. But, eating earlier in the day seem not so fun to me lol. I think you'll crave more if you eat earlier.
I know I wouldn't be able to handle eating my daily meal in the morning. I have to wait until the afternoon or later in the day to eat. It's a lot easier to not eat earlier in the day then it is later for me.

I think it's best to eat in the afternoon, maybe 2 or 3pm. Or later, maybe 5pm or 6pm. At least then you'll have some fuel to get through the morning.
If you can handle the cravings through the day after your meal, then you should be totally fine. I just prefer to have my one meal midday or sometime in the afternoon, as it works better for me.
I wouldn't say it's bad if you can handle not eating the rest of the day. The cravings might bug you. So just keep that in mind, but it can be done for sure.
It depends on how you feel through the day. If you can handle the inevitable cravings you will have through the day, then you should be good. Otherwise I highly recommend having your one meal at lunch time or dinner time. This way your body can rebound a bit easier, and the cravings won't be so bad.

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