Worst diet you did before starting OMAD?

What was the worst diet you ever tried before jumping into the omad diet? For me I think the worst that comes to mind, is maybe fruit only diet. It was back when I first started to diet, and was fairly new to it all. I was told by a friend to try eating nothing but fruits for a whole week. I couldn't do it of course, but I tried. I don't think it's a good diet, as you in turn miss out of other important food.

But yeah, that was the worst one that I can think of, what about you?
Many years back I tried doing the chicken soup diet. Basically you just ate chicken noodle soup, or variations of chicken noodle soup. Wasn't a fan of it, and it didn't really help me in any way.

I did try a few others as well, but can't remember what they were called. None of them helped though.

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