Workout equipment you own and use

What kind of workout equipment do you use? I have some weights, an old bowflex that I still happen to use every once in a while. I also have an elliptical, treadmill and a bench press. I have all of this in my garage, which makes for a decent gym.

I'm thinking of picking up a few other workout machines, as I have some room for more. Any suggestions?
I used to own a bowflex, but somehow broke it a while back. I currently just have some weights, a yoga mat and a treadmill. I want to get a weight bench to start pumping some iron more, but have been putting it off due to finances at the moment.
Well, I have a few workout programs, as well some weights and resistance bands. I don't have any workout machines or anything major. I did own a punching bag before, that was interesting.

Other than that, I don't own anything else at the moment. Oh wait, I own a medicine ball, and one of those workout balls you sit on. I have one at work that I use pretty much daily.

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