Working out while injured

Has anyone here worked out while being injured? I recently sprained my ankle, and haven't been able to do a whole lot of cardio based workouts. I've mostly been doing weight training and some altered cardio workouts. It's tough, but I'm getting through it so far. Anyone else work out injured before? What kind of workouts should someone do with a sprained ankle?
I don't think it's a good idea to workout while injured. Well, I suppose is depends on the injury, so if you're safe and aren't doing any workouts involving the legs and feet, you should be fine.

Take it easy though.

I have not worked out while injured. I hurt my back some years back and I stopped until my back got better, but that's really been it.
I haven't really been injured before. I hurt my hand once, and sprained my ankle a couple times, but it's never been to the point where I couldn't workout. But then again, I rarely worked out back then.
It's perfectly fine to take a break when you're injured. Fitness and all that can wait until you are ready to truly get back to it. You also don't want to risk further injuring yourself either. You're better off healing up, and then starting again once you're back to your usual self.
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