Working out in the morning has more benefits.

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I find that working out right immediately one wakes up has so many benefits. For one, it is the time one has a lot of energy and psych. Secondly, it is a time when you've not fed on anything and therefore the body will get a lot of benefits through detoxing.
Hello @ sheriff 22, my take would be exercising about two hours after lunch in order to release energy in the food you've eaten, together with sweat.
The reason I say this is because in the morning you're very weak and hungry most of the time and have little morale for exercises.
That's why gyms are normally full during afternoons.
I think doing exercises in the morning is really good because your body is still fresh from the night's sleep. Your tummy still is empty and therefore you are still light.
Yes thats true starting your day with exercise will also help your body to be more productive the whole day
so it really nice to make as the habbit of living and it also has a lot of benefits
I also find this to be true for myself. As soon as I wake up, I am feeling energetic even if I don't have any food in me yet and as the day goes on I feel less and less energetic and therefore less likely to exercise especially considering I won't be having my meal until much later in the day. I think it really is the best time to get exercise in because it not only feels natural but it also gives a good boost without needing any coffee.
That may be right, but I think our exercise routine shall be based on our schedule and our lifestyle. I mean though exercising in the morning has a lot of benefits, there are a lot of people who can't do that because of conflict on schedule, etc. So I suggest, exercise in the morning if you can, and if you can't, then exercise some other time. What's important is that you can find time for exercising. :)
I say that different approaches will work for different people! Some people I know love working out right as they wake up - others prefer working out in the evening when they’re finished work for the day, as a de-stress. Whatever works for you is good - especially the simple fact that you are working out!
That's true, it's the best time of the day for workout. Your right about detoxing, it's quite good to detox early and rejuvenate. This way your body is well replenished through out the day.
If your doing OMAD a workout before your eating window would be the best because you can spend all your energy on the workout and replenish it soon afterwards. While if you're not doing OMAD I have to agree that exercise before breakfast is a very effective way of toning your body. That's why pre breakfast morning runs and drills are being done in military and police academy's even in martial arts trainings kata and meditation must be done at dawn before eating.
I also think that it is more beneficial to do the workout in the morning than in the afternoon or evening. However, my preferred workout is not right after waking up. I needed to go to the toilet first and feel refreshed a bit by a quick shower. That will help to invigorate my blood and give me the momentum for a good workout. Doing the workout in the morning gives me the energy that I will need for the day. Whenever I did a workout in the morning, I feel fresh until lunch time and even in the afternoon, I don’t feel drowsy or tired unlike when I haven’t done any exercise in the morning.
Definitely exercise in the morning without a doubt will help you to boost your metabolism, and burn a calories to the rest of your day. This is exactly why I do exercise in the morning I am more active on my work for example my coworker is sleepy while I am much more active. I guess many people much more prefer morning exercise than afternoon/night the only problem they faced is schedule. Well it really doesn't matter what time you prefer it really depends on what you working for.
I've been working out every morning since I started doing Omad. It really feels good when you sweat in the morning. I feel energetic the whole day.
Well stated,I love to exercise first thing in the morning to be alert and awake my metabolism. This will help me burn calories throughout the day.Exercising in the morning will help to improve one's energy level both physically and mentally.The routine becomes addictive which brings about consistency.
You know just above this post I saw the website post about the importance of exercising while on the OMAD diet. I must say that while the author has insisted on the importance of avoiding exercises during tge morning I think it all depends on the work life balance you have. Some people have an easy time exercising on the morning hours and eating in the evening. I however am sustained by a lot of water.
For starters, I simply can't workout in the evening because I won't have any energy left for carry out my drills. So, I'm more comfortable working out in the morning because my body would be very ready for the exercise.
I agree on this. Exercising in the morning could also wake up your energy and body. It also prepares your body for your day. I also believe that the sunlight in the morning could give our body essential vitamins that our body could use like vitamin A. I prefer exercising in the morning rather than in evening because I might have used all of my energy.
Hi! I am anadvocate for exercise even in OMAD diet I believe that even it is tough (for some) to do OMAD diet, they still have to do exercise, even very light exercise. I do yoga for 7 months now. I also do planking for half a year now. I do my "workout" every morning and it fits best for me. Id rather have my exercise evey morning because I have a day work and I dont have energy for night workout.
I actually prefer working out in the morning as well. For one thing, it’s been proven that you burn more fat when exercising on an empty stomach. Studies show that people who exercise on an empty stomach burn 20% more calories than those exercising after a small meal.

That being said, the biggest benefit for me is a psychological one. If I accomplish a hard workout first thing in the morning and then follow it up with an intense cold shower, I feel like a warrior ready to take on my day. If I just sluggishly drag myself out of bed to make a cup of coffee, I feel just like that…a slug.
Yes, working out every morning has a good benefits in our body. When your muscle is at rest the function is minimal also. In the morning it is highly recommended to do stretching, do your exercise routine to start a day brightly. It is also your way to remove stress in your body.
Well, there is no bad time to train according to my gym instructor back in the day. What matters is consistency. While majority of people always like to train in the morning, I sometimes do mine when I am back from work and the reaction is always the same as when I train in the morning.
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