Working out for long hours

I was wondering about working out more often. I know some people who workout for an hour, a half hour, or a couple hours, but what about those who workout more than that? Does anyone here workout for long hours? And if so, do you go over 2 hours? What about 4 hours? I've heard of people working out that much, but it makes me wonder how it is when doing omad.

Should you do OMAD while doing long workouts? Is it safe?
I couldn't go for that long myself. I can handle 30-60 minutes or so. I don't think I'd do 2 hours or more even. I think that's reserved for those trying to get as fit as possible. I'm just looking to lose weight and be healthy, 4 hours of working out isn't healthy for me, at least in my opinion.
It really depends on what you're trying to get out of it. Do you want to get extremely fit, no fat, etc? Then you could do long workouts. But, if you're looking to just lose weight and get healthy like Devin said, then it's probably not needed to work out for long hours. I look at it this way, if you at least get 30 mins a day working out, you should be fine. I wouldn't go overboard either. Working out for long hours could in turn cause injury as well.

Plus, working out so long would mean you should eat a bigger meal too.
Working for long hours is fine, but keep in mind, that it will require you to eat more food as well. OMAD doesn't always work when working out so much. Your body needs fuel, and if you only eat one meal a day, it may not work out for you.

It's probably better to do shorter workouts rather than one long 4 hour workout. Your body will do fine with just an hour or two.
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