Winter workouts

Where I live it's currently a winter wonderland lol. I was wondering though, does anyone here do winter workouts? I think shoveling is a solid workout and helps build some muscle. But what are some other workouts we can do during the winter? I figure skating is a good option. What do you guys think? Snowboarding maybe?
Nah not really. I hate the snow and don't really want to deal with it anymore than I have to. Shoveling is fine, but I don't have much snow to shovel so it's not really a workout for me. But if it works for you and you enjoy it. That's all that matters.

I do kind of want to go snowboarding one of these days though.
Back in my hometown we would make sculptures out of snow. It was a good workout as you had to do a lot of chipping and chopping just to get the right style.

Also snowshoeing is a solid workout. I try to do it every year.

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