Why fiber is an important part of your diet

Fiber-rich foods have always been known to aid in digestion. I wonder why pineapples are not part of the list. This is what doctors usually recommend. If it helps in digestion, it is therefore aid in out weight loss.
I eat a lot of fiber rich food it helps to keep me full for a long time and this helps to make me stop consuming more calories.I love to eat beans and fruits like oranges and pineapple. There keep me really full throughout the day which will aid weight loss.
Here are a few ideas without you having to make drastic changes to your dietary habits.

You can eat an orange rather than drinking just the juice. The pulp contains the fiber.
Eat all of that apple. Eat whole fruits. The seeds and skin contain the fiber you need.
Do not peel your potatoes. Rather than peeling the potatoes, include the skins - that is also where much of the nutrition is found.
Shop for whole grain breads. Whole grains contain the fiber that is normally processed out of white flour.
When you make beef stew, be sure to add more vegetables. The stew meat does not contain any fiber, so add a few more vegetables or even some beans to your stew to improve the fiber content.
Fiber is very healthy, I can concur completely. I personally used to consume a lot of nuts and seeds, even sesame, since it's very beneficial for the overall well being. Greatest thing is the fact that it supresses the appetite and helps to reduce weight.
For sure! As I was eating salads I realized that fiber is very important as it helps us to maintain the balance of our body. At least that's how it was for me!

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