What to Drink on the Omad Diet

I'm so much addicted to taking coffee and drinking it when I'm on omad is something that I have gotten used to. The only thing I make sure is that I wouldn't compromise my fasting by adding sugar or cream to the coffee.

I used to get worried about my caffeine intake as a result of too coffee drinking while on omad but I was informed it doesn't have any negative effects to my fasting.
I agree. Mineral water has no calories and it has no sugar, So it's far the great answer for losing weight and while doi g OMAD. If we use mineral water in each day routine rather than softdrink we are able to get slim and get a healthy body.
I never really liked mineral water. On OMAD I chose to drink green tea, I read that it is very healthy. Do you think that there are more benefits from drinking mineral water when it comes to weight loss?
I never really liked mineral water. On OMAD I chose to drink green tea, I read that it is very healthy. Do you think that there are more benefits from drinking mineral water when it comes to weight loss?
Personally, I wouldn't prefer drinking mineral water over green tea while on OMAD. I really don't mind taking green tea always because the benefits of helping your system in detoxification is better than what mineral water gives but coffee is my favorite drink while doing OMAD.
I concur with the given information, although I already previously practiced drinking coffee, as it is known to be a product which burns fat and suppresses the appetite, which is a very important aspect. The food cravings and stomach growling can really distract you, as well as interfere and intercept with your daily routine. Although, from my experience, drinking coffee doesn't always help, as it increases my stomach pain for some reason.
Thank you for sharing such information to help us with our diet. I am drinking mineral water ever since I started being health conscious. I have read an article before stating that drinking mineral water has so many benefits that could help our body. I drink a cup of water before eating anything. It is said that drinking a cup of water first thing in the morning is the best way to prepare you for the day.
I believe that water is the best type of drink for this diet because that's what I am drinking during my omad days. In my eating window I used to drink belended fruits and vegetables because it gives me instant energy and makes me feel full as my eating window comes to end. One can drink coffee or tea as well but in my case I only drink those whenever I feel like and that would be just once or twice a month.
Thanks! I just discovered something new. I don't know that bone broth is good when you are in OMAD or in any other diet. I am surprised it has this benefits. I don't know that coconut water is not good when you are in an OMAD diet.
To be honest I have a hard time drinking coffee, because it increases my stomach pain when I have hunger... That's why I mostly drink water during OMAD!
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