What to Drink on the Omad Diet

Everyone doing the OMAD needs to read this article - it's super helpful. I'm all about the coffee, tea, and lemon water - I find there's enough diversity with those as well as plain water to keep me going! Plus, that caffeine kick is needed!!
Avoid too much drinking of softdrinks. Make fruits and vegetables as your juice to drink this is good for our body and healthy for our heart. Always drinks lot of water that cleansing our internal body.
I actually do a version of OMAD and I thought I knew what I can drink on it, but as the saying goes you learn something new everyday. Before reading this article, I always just had straight up tap water. I had never seen the benefits of mineral water. Reading this article was an eye opener. I've always liked sparkling water because I think it helps to keep you full. Its like drinking a tasteless coke in my opinion. However I didn't know that it helps with nausea. I will be sure to stock up on it. I've also never tried bone broth, because it takes 12 hours or more to prepare. But now that I've seen the benefits maybe its worth it.
Yeah, that's right, fresh fruit juice will help a lot to sustain the vitamins in our body while doing one meal diet, specially the citrus fruits. Actually some juice, or tea are enough for us to full our stomach and remain healthy and active while waiting for our one meal a day. This article is really helpful.
I used to do OMAD before. I only eat during breakfast. A whole meal. And for lunch and dinner I'm just drinking my DIY juice. I don't really know the exact recipe but what I'm doing is mixing lemon and cucumber with honey in a lukewarm water. And that's all. I just did that for almost a month.
Everything is written the way I thought. Of course, carbonated drinks, milk, buying juices containing a lot of sugar and alcoholic beverages, which are also just sugar, should be ejected.
That's why I always drink coffee in the morning and switch to lemon water in the afternoon and evening ending with some ginger and turmeric tea at night. Coffee is very good to the liver, it reduces the risk of liver cirrhosis UpTo 80 percent, it also promotes a healthy heart. Coffee also protects us from getting type2 diabetes and Parkinson's disease. And finally coffee is a good weight-loss aid because it suppresses hunger and it has a thermogenic effect that making the body heat up thereby boosting metabolism.
Yes! Coffee has been my favorite drink since I was in college. It is my comfort drink and makes me delightful. It is rich in antioxidants and makes me alert and energized. I am happy that OMAD has many options for you to have.
Yes! Coffee has been my favorite drink since I was in college. It is my comfort drink and makes me delightful. It is rich in antioxidants and makes me alert and energized. I am happy that OMAD has many options for you to have.[/QUOTE

Most people are not aware that coffee is a good deterrent for liver sickness and that it helps in making our livers healrhy. I think if people would only be aware of this then most soda drinkers would be converted into coffee drinkers.
Wow thank you for sharing a really helpful information OMAD its really a big help joining this forum is really giving me a idea to start to be a healthy person for myself. Sadly I'm not really fan of coffee and more on milk every morning and at night before I go to sleep. And it kinda hard for me to change :/
Milk has a lot of calories. I'm not sure if ALL kinds of milk, but those that are readily in stores are high in calories. I'm not sure if almond milk has high calories also but it's healthier.
I never thought that there could be such information I started my Omad diet by drinking lots of water whenever I felt hungry and I have drunk outside the diet plan. And yes I thought that water was the only liquid that I needed as long as this diet is concern. I guess that there is something new I have learned today with this Forum and it seems like every time I come here I learn new things. Thanks Omad for this information we will do well to apple it in our diet.
Yay! Coffee has been a part of my every morning so learning that I won't have to give it up to stay fit motivates me more! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful article. It's helpful! :)
Great article, while I am doing OMAD I am drinking tea, lemon water, and just water. I must confess that these days were over 40 C degrees and I missed to drink a beer but I could hold myself doing this.
out of that list my favorite is bone broth. I like it because recently since I found out on this platform that it is safer to take when on OMAD it assists me to overcome the urge for food. I am also used to taking some coffee especially in the morning and when am working.
I haven't thought that coconut would be that high calories. I thought it has only small so I used to drink a lot of it. Sometimes we put milk and biscuits since its a popular drink in the province. Well great article tho. At least I knew what drinks to avoid. I like the broth, it's tasty and it makes me feel relief after drinking.
I like to stay safe and just drink water solely during the fasting period and it feels weird to me to intake anything that even has the slight bit of flavor. However, I do get that some people may not be able to function as well without coffee, as most of my family members do need to drink coffee early in the morning each day. I personally am lucky not to have that habit though so I mostly am able to survive with just water and a few minutes before my meal I have some apple cider vinegar then sometimes during my meal I'll have a flavored drink like a cold tea with some sweetener.
The article is really comprehensive I never like sodas any longer since I get to realise the effect on my weight loss journey.it subtract from ones goals instead of adding to it.I'm all for water now and some days add bone broth to it and I'm enjoying the fluids intake that way.And it has really been helpful.
It is safe to say that you wouldn't-and shouldn't- let yourself be dehydrated. Especially if you are on OMAD. YOur body needs its vitamins and drinking these beverages on this list will help you get through with your healthy diet. I am especially for carbonated water and coffee. But it is better t try tea sometimes too.
I agree. Mineral water has no calories and it has no sugar, So it's far the great answer for losing weight and while doi g OMAD. If we use mineral water in each day routine rather than softdrink we are able to get slim and get a healthy body.
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