What time do you eat your daily meal?

When do you usually eat your daily meal? I am currently eating around 2pm every day. I used to eat around 6pm daily, but I got so tired waiting to eat at that point, so I started doing 2pm instead. I feel it gives me the best outcome, as I am not as hungry doing it this way.

What about you though?
I eat my one meal everyday around 4pm. I used to save it until 6pm, but I couldn't last that long. 4pm felt like the perfect time frame for me.
I usually have mine after going to the fitness center ad returning back home, because I am hungry then. We go to the fitness center in the morning, and so my meal is usually somewhere between 11-3 pm, depending on how my schedule goes.
Sometimes, we have to go somewhere after going to the fitness center and exercising, so then we get home later, and my meal is later.
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