What other diets did you try before OMAD?

What were the types of diets that you did before you started the omad diet? For me I tried Atkins. It helped me for a while, but I hit a roadblock after a while. I then did a traditional diet of eating healthy and working out often. That worked too, but then omad came and changes my life.
I tried Atkins, but didn't stick with it for long. I then tried the keto diet, and that worked, but I wasn't really into it. Now I'm on omad and I haven't looked back since. Going to stick with omad as well.
Before OMAD, i tried the keto, was a vegan for a year, and tried the Paleo diet as well. Some of them worked for a while, but omad was the diet that started it all for me. So I stuck with it.
The only other one I tried was the Atkins diet. My whole family did it at one point, so I decided to try it. It didn't really work that well for me, so I stopped it pretty fast. I didn't do any other diets until I found out about omad.

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