What nutrients do you think are most important for the body?

Vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, water, proteins, and fats are the body nutrients that one needs. Some people presume that some nutrients are more important compared to others. I am of the opinion that one should eat a diet that contains all these nutrients because all are equally important.
I think you are really need to get a balance in take for each one of them. Can't take only one nutrients in our body. It can't support the energy we need.
All the necessary minerals are needed for our body to function. If we are deprived of a certain mineral like iron or zinc or potassium then we get a kind of disease due to that mineral deficiency. Water is basic and the nourishment we get from the foods we eat. We also get some vitamins from the sunlight.
One nutrient that comes to my mind is protein because it helps in building muscles which means protein gives us strength. Calcium is also important that’s why we drink milk at least twice a week for the calcium supply particularly for the seniors like me. And eating a balanced meal can provide us the nutrients that we need for the day like vegetables, fish, meat and fruits.
I think the importance of these nutrients depends on the body of a person. What might not be needed much by your body might be the needed nutrient of someone else. Such as with pregnant women, they need extra iron. Whereas the non pregnant women doesn't need that much iron. Older people needs more calcium than the younger people. It really depends on your body. We need different nutrients because we intake different foods.
This really hard to decide since all the nutrients is needed in our body. I also think it depends on the person on which part of her body needs an improvement. As for me, the most need nutrient in my body right now is protein since I need to develop my muscles. I'm developing my muscles because I need to try the sports that I want so as I said it depends on the need of the person.

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