What are your reasons for Omad? Besides weight loss.

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Apart from weight loss reasons, why do you do OMAD? Just curious to get everyone's take on how it benefits them in different ways. It seems many do omad for reasons besides just weight loss.
Great question! I initially started, like most, to jumpstart fat loss. I had been researching fat loss vs. weight loss and this route seemed perfect for me. I've kept doing it because I noticed increased regularity between meals, and it helps control the domino effect that sends me into an eating frenzy when I start eating early in the day.
I guess it ties in with weight-loss since it is a nice side effect, but I am doing omad to keep me from binge eating. Also to be healthier. Sure I want to look better through weight-loss, but I want to feel better too. Omad is doing that for me physically and mentally. I just have this clarity that I never really had before. If I could stop being freezing cold all the time though that would be great :)
I started not only to lose weight, but to get a grip on my emotional eating. It's a big part of why I gained so much weight. Whenever I start to get depressed about something or have anxiety I turn to food. It's always been a tough thing to deal with for me.
I started omad because it was so simple for my lifestyle and I wanted to be healthier. I had done so much reading about the benefits of fasting that I wanted to do it. So I read about all the different types of intermittent fasting and omad seemed like the easiest one that fit my lifestyle. It was the best choice I ever made:)
I´ve been dieting my whole life and got more obese every time. It has taken me ages to start using my own knowledge and experience to decide what might work. During 1990-ies (I´m swedish, excuse any language weirdiness) the norm was to eat five or six times a day - three meals and two or three snacks. It was presented as a necessity to stay healthy or succeed with a diet. I thought that my forefathers never had any snacks and it seemed to work... and for me with dignosed BED the risk of overeating came six times a day instead of three... so I ate three times a day. And then came Michal Mosley with 5:2 and the taboo of fasting as a diet was suddenly gone. It did not work for me, fasting often throw me into starve-binge mode. 16:8 semmed better but I can eat a lot in eight hours so the compulsive eating was still very much present.
In august 2017 I asked for help with my sleep apnea and got a c-pap. It gave me back some of the energy I had gradually lost during late spring and summer, I had stopped exercising and was feeling worse and worse due to weight gain. In december I climbed the scale for the first time since april and found I hade gained 25 kilos in eight months, and I was severely obese before that too... Big shock and I finally managed to eat better, 1 of january I hade lost five kilos (during christmas!) and since then I´ve lost another ten. I eat healthy, don´t see myself as senisitive to sugar, fat and saltare what I prefer to binge on, not sweets.

It has been a rollercoaster, not a straight road, I have been bingeing and given in to cravings at night, but the difference between this and how it always has been is that it has been possible to return to OMAD the next day. I am trying to ignore that my OMAD servings are huge, it is hard because the feeling of doing "wrong" triggers me to go on eating. When I read your questions about what is "allowed" I feel provoked, to me this is a reccmendation on how to eat and I am constructing it along my own experiences. That means that I do take milk in my morning coffee as well as in the ginger tea I drink at nights. I recently read Gillian Rileys "Eating less - say goodbye to overeating" and the one thing I picked up from her was that in every moment it is my dicision. If one day I eat more than one meal – it is a decision that might be healthy or not but it does not mean that I have "fallen off the wagon" or that I have failed, it means that I chose to do something different that day. I have developed a very strong aversion to diet gurus during my years, I´ve done a lot of research and today I am a little bitter that my self esteem in these matters has stopped me from doing my own choices, I have followed too many authorities in my days.

Learning that OMAD exists as a theory and something other peole also is going for hopefully will give me some shorcuts, it is still very chaotic because it is really "loose" in rules, the thing is to eat one time a day and that´s it. If I track what I eat that hour the caolire amount is not always great, but compared to trying to stay on track for three meals ad day in the long run, it is great.

So - my reasons for doing this is that I think it will make my life so much easier. I fought a beginning alcoholism for some years, fearing that it would become a real problem, affecting work and relations. I finally gave in trying to handle it, took the help of AA and became sober. That was twelve years ago, I don´t think staying sober is a problem att all today but I had to change lifestyle to make it. Tried OA for the food, did not work and today I think that I simply can´t handle handeling... I need simplicity, I need to abstain, to eat only one time a day is a really simple rule. In my own rulebook that does not take out milk in tea or coffee, or even a teaspoon of honey in the thermos of ginger tea I prepare for evenings. It does not seem to trigger me but putting in a snack or an extra meal does.

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Thanks for your story! I think you will find Omad to be the simple diet that can be life-changing for you. The simplicity is why it became a lifestyle for me as well. I tried and failed at so many complicated diet plans myself.
I started omad because I wanted to curb my eating on so much snacking and junk food. I went to the doctor and he told me how bad my tests were. I knew to make myself healthier I needed to stop eating so much processed food and junk!
Increase my metabolism.... give my pancreas, liver and intestines a rest everyday... achieve longevity... simplify/stop counting daily calories/carbs/protein grams ... finally get rid of the ridiculous fat bulges...save money and time.... be more productive and have more free time...seeing the daily loss, even if fractional, is exciting!
Aside from losing weight,it allows your blood sugar levels to regulate a lot better,makes your metabolism to speed up,it helps to absorb nutrients more efficiently,utilizes body fats to preserve more muscles,it clear wastes and protect cells from malignant tumors,improves concentration and mental abilities and allow to produce more energy.
That's a good question but I think aside from losing weight it helps me avoid some illness and the fact that it's healthy you can do it to be a part of your lifestyle.
Nice question! With OMAD your daily lifestyle will be changed. Your daily habit before like eating a lot of junk foods or processed foods will be replace of eating a healthy food because you can control now yourself in eating a right food.
My reason for an OMAD diet is not so much to lose weight but to develop discipline. I think I just eat too much. I find that I eat when I'm not even hungry. Why? The food is there! The fact that the food is tasty makes it hard to resist. I think an OMAD diet is good for developing self-control. Self-control is a fruit of the Spirit. So it actually helps in my spiritual walk.

I have read in one discussion in this same forum that fasting is beneficial to the longevity. That means if we go OMAD for a longer time we have good chances of a longer life. Maybe that is one good reason for going OMAD aside from the weight loss which is the common reason for dieting. And another reason can be the better health because fasting cleanses the body of undesired elements like toxin which is the primary cause of colon cancer.
For me it's more just for the long term benefits of being able to deal with my health in a more sustainable way. My family has a lot of types of ailments I should be looking out for like diabetes and I know that cutting out sugar and carbohydrates simply won't work for me since knowing myself, I know I will return to it someday even if I am able to give it up now temporarily and I'll just end up reversing what I've achieved and falling back on to my old habits and routines, but with OMAD it really feels like something I could sustain for a very long time as it doesn't really feel like I'm sacrificing that much at all.
Well I'm getting old and I feel that it's best to cleanse my system and give it a break and time to heal. My first idea was to go on fasting but upon hearing about OMAD I changed my mind and tried OMAD for a change and I was really happy with the results. I got thinner and healthier in 15 days.
I think that the word for it is to avoid being a glutton because there is no good that would come from it. As much as OMAD helps one's to lose weight, it also helps one not to add weight and put the individual on a healthy lifestyle track.
Personally, I am doing OMAD to have a better health and for myself to enjoy everything in life as I grow older. We must take care of ourselves and nurture our body with the right food for our future selves to be away from illnesses due to lifestyle and diet. I am trying my best not to be like my mother and aunts who are obese, which made them have heart diseases (needing maintenance medications).
I started not only to lose weight, but to get a grip on my emotional eating. It's a big part of why I gained so much weight. Whenever I start to get depressed about something or have anxiety I turn to food. It's always been a tough thing to deal with for me.
This is just me,I was a bit addicted to food.I used to binge eat a lot. In fact any time I'm bored or just need to while away time I resulted in eating more food So OMAD diet as helped me change all of that, apart from weight loss,I'm eating less food especially junks that are not good for the body.
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