Weight of food

Have you ever weighed you food. Today's was just over 1kg.... Gonna have a big belly after that!!!Capture.JPG
I really don't like to weight my food. I only eat whatever I can during OMAD. More protein and fruits and vegetables lesser carbs and calories.
It is a weird thing for me to weight the food you wanted to eat. But there's no wrong about it. Maybe I am just lazy to do it. He he
This is the first time that I’ve heard of weighing the food you eat. Maybe it has some sense in it because from what I understand with the food we eat, the heavier it is then the heavier the weight that it gives us. Just like eating lots of tuber that can give us more weight that we can gain in one day. For job applicants who are thin and underweight, they are advised to eat boiled taro in the morning before going to the medical exam so they will be heavier in the scales.
No I don't weigh my food but I rather count the calories in it.I think a food being just heavy might not really give us the quantity of calories in the food. Chocolate bar is very light but the calories in there is way higher than some heavy food.
Never really had a scale to do it with but I guess it does make sense since it is literally the amount of weight you are about to put into your body and no one ever pays attention to it. Although I suppose just changing the ingredients into something healthier might be better than weighing the food since a certain amount of vegetables will ultimately be better than the same weight in the form of bread or pasta.
I have never weight my food because this will make me to not eat it anymore, but I do count my calories and I try to eat healthily and I avoid the junk food.
I think weight has an effect but not that significant because i think its about the contents of the food. If the food is healthy and complete i think its good. When you think about it there are foods that weight less but rich it cholesterol like french fries.
I haven't, but that's epic! All that avocado...yum! I try and add avocado into my meals because I find that those healthy fats help to keep me feel fuller for longer.
Nope not weird. If you've ever tracked macros (and there is many reason why you would) the weighing food is a must.) Anyway. I was just curious and it's a lot of food... And this is weird... I know I don't poo 1kg so the rest is being absorbed into my body minus the pure liquid content... Just interesting and curious...
Is that an avocado??? well it depend to a person how they will have their food . I much like to follow my list so that I will have a balance and healthy lifestyle while doing OMAD.
Yes, it is an avocado and 3 poached eggs, sauerkraut, herrings, anchovies, zucchini noodles and cabbage stalks.
I follow Keto so my list of available foods is somewhat selective. Lots of good healthy fats and non-starchy veggies.
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