Ugh, my progress so far

Well I am new to this, just learned about omad from my best friend. She has been doing omad for a while now, maybe a couple months and she swears by it. She suggested I look into it and give it a try, so I am finally jumping head first.

Monday was my first day on omad. At the start, I weighed 274 lbs, I still weigh 274 lbs. I have tried doing one meal a day, and so far I have done so. My diet isn't great yet, still getting used to eating healthier, so I have found that I am still snacking sometimes. I am trying to stop that habit though, but it's hard.

My goal weight would be 130lbs. My current challenge is to first get to 250, and then 230, then 200. And after that, work my way down to 150 and then 130. If I can lose even more weight, I will be willing to give it a shot.

I hope I can handle this.
Hey Jenn, welcome to the forum. We're really happy to have you here.

It's going to be hard at first, trust me on that, but please stick with it. Once you do, and get used to the change, you will fall into it pretty fast. I commend you for your goal, that's a decent goal. Please keep us updated on your progress.
Welcome aboard the omad train.

You'll get used to things in no time. Just be patient and do the best you can. We all have issues in the beginning, you'll eventually get through that all.

Good luck on your weight loss.
Thanks guys! I'm happy to be here. I hope I can keep up with omad and with working out. I hate working out lol.
Good luck on your journey through omad. Once you get things down and are used to the changes, you will be a champ in no time.

It'll be a challenge to eat just one meal a day, but it's worth it once you get through the motions.

Good luck, and welcome to the omad diet forum.
Thank you guys! I have an update. Since starting I have actually lost 2 pounds, how idk, but wow do I feel good about it. I started working out again too, and I think that helped a lot.

Anyway, I now weigh 272lbs.
Congrats on the weight loss so far. Every little bit counts. Just think, if you could lose 2 pounds a week, you'd be doing a great job. :)
That's great! 3 more down, and more to go.

Just imagine, in no time you're going to reach your goal. Good luck! :)
Thank you! :) I'm excited to lose more.

I haven't had as much luck this time around, only losing 1 pound. But I think it's because I had extra meals this week. I'm going to get back on it this week.
I lost another 4 pounds since, so I made up for my fault recently.

My current weight is now at 262. I'm slowly getting there.
That's awesome Jenn, keep at it and you'll soon realize you're down to 250 and then 200 before you know it. Good luck and keep us updated please.

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