Top Superfoods on Omad

I'm quite surprised to find out that berries are in that list as well. I mean, I did know that antioxidants are utterly important during a diet, but wouldn't imagine that blueberries have such a high role to play in it. I personally like them a lot, so I might give it a go actually.
Wow! I am happy that most of this foods I can eat. I remembered the goji berry, it was this fruit that helped me cure my asthma. My mother used to buy goji berry juice for me when I was in High school. For two months I've to drink goji berry juice during that summer vacation, I was cured that even until now that I am already 24 yrs. old I haven't experienced any asthma attacks again.
Most of these foods are sadly unavailable in many countries, especially northern as mine. Or they're rather expensive to being imported. I assume you need to consume a lot of them? Let's say in a salad!

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