Tony Horton's Next Level workout series on Amazon

Got some fitness news to share. Looks like Tony Horton has a new workout service through Amazon. It's called Tony Horton's Next Level. It sounds like it's a 3 tier workout program. From the sounds of it, it will cost a monthly fee on Amazon, or it's free with Amazon prime.

I'm kind of interested in trying this out. I like that more streaming sites are adding workout programs. I got Amazon prime so I'm jumping at this.

More details here:
That's cool! Saw a post from him on Facebook about it earlier today. I'm for sure going to give this a try. Been wanting to try something different lately anyway, so this is perfect timing.
I might try this one out. Looks like a solid workout program. Just hope that you aren't required to have an amazon prime account plus pay the $6.99 a month for it. If it's free with prime, I'll jump at it soon, but not for an additional 6.99 on top of prime.

I might take advantage of the free trial though.
I think if you have prime it's free, otherwise it's 6.99 per month for non prime subscribers. I at least hope that's the case.