To those who do extended fasting...

How long do you normally go? I’m toying with the idea of incorporating more extended fasts. I didn’t feel bad or had hungry until right before dinner last night. From Sunday to Tuesday, I did 48-52 hour fast making sure I had plenty of water and didn’t even have coffee on Tuesday (not by choice believe you me). Wednesday morning was 3 lbs down. Ate a relatively light dinner Tuesday night ( did have 2 scopes of black sesami ice cream for dessert though) main meal was 1 cup steamed rice and chicken dumplings and assorted steamed veggies. I was .6 lbs down this morning.
Extended fasts make me nervous. I worry too much about getting proper nutrition on a daily basis. I might be able to do extended fasts and some light meals, but I think it would catch up to me after a while. Please be safe if you decide to do it more, so you can get in the nutrition your body needs to function and repair itself.

That being said, I have not looked into extended fasting much, so I'm not sure if it's good or bad.
Thanks Agathist for giving me food for thought. I will look more into it to make sure it’s something I should consider.
An extended fast is very beneficial but the frequency of it is key. I like a once a month extended fast of 48hrs. Your body naturally devours you damaged cells and makes new cells. Autophagy is really kicking on all cylinders between 24 and 48hrs. the goal of fasting is not to starve yourself into weight loss but to better control your caloric intake while also gaining the benefits of small doses of autophagy. Black coffee and tea are great appetite suppressants so feel guilt free for drinking these (straight up, no sugars or milk) between your OMAD or extended fast.