The Most Helpful "Thing" for the OMAD Diet...

For me it's the simplicity of it and not having to overthink it like other diets require. I can eat almost anything I want as long as I keep it within the one plate limit and I don't have to count calories and instead I could just focus on re-establishing my attention to what I am eating daily. Because of this I have a lot more respect for the meals I eat even on cheat days since I notice it a lot more since being on OMAD and being able to pay attention to my hunger and my intake a lot more, and I think this is making me feel like I can use this method in the long term rather than just going with some fad diet that I will probably potentially give up on after a while.
I agree with [email protected], the biggest advantage of OMAD, is its simplicity.You don't have to worry about what you are going to eat, you don't have to buy expensive foods like required on some diets e.g low fat, you don't have to stress about your diet. You can flawlessly loose weight. I combine low carb and OMAD, best decision I ever made. I have cheat days over the weekend, where I eat carbs to make sure that I don't strain my body too much. From my experience OMAD is amazing, and depending on how it affects your health, I think you can adopt it as a lifestyle.
The good thing about OMAD to me is that I can easily take it as a lifestyle without struggling so much with it.I don't have to avoid so much of my favourite meals.I only have to eat it once a day which I'm good with.There's no bogus rule with OMAD that we have to fight or struggle to keep.

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