The Most Helpful "Thing" for OMAD...

I want to do this right and get the most out of this diet and get healthier and have more energy.
I'm always learning and experimenting.
Could you share what has helped you the most with OMAD?
Any tips, ideas, supplements, "hacks" or anything that has made a difference?

I've found some helpful videos but would love some tips and ideas from you! Thanks :)

These are some ideas I'm using please let me know what you think!

What would you recommend???
I would have to say stretching exercises and meditation helped me a lot in taking my mind off food and become more focus in my diet.
For me the biggest thing was having stuff to occupy my mind with. A lot of the time previously, I felt "hungry" any time I was bored - eating was just something to do to pass time. Tackling that helped a lot - books, self-care (relaxing baths, painting my nails) and things like that helped!
I would have to say stretching exercises and meditation helped me a lot in taking my mind off food and become more focus in my diet.
Meditation has been a pretty big deal for me as well. A lot of food cravings simply come from not understanding how the mind and its desires work. Once you learn to be mindful about your cravings, you can combat them more effectively.

In some ways, combat isn't even the right word because you actually learn how to let them be. Normally we run on autopilot; either we give in to our cravings when we feel them, or we try our best to fight them (and fail a lot of the time). Once you learn the nature of craving by being mindful of it and analyzing it, you stop giving in to it as if it were some unstoppable force, and that obviously helps immensely when dieting.
I think apple cider vinegar might be the biggest hack there is for this diet because it does really seem to work. There is an article here about that and it really is worth a read because you can learn more about what to avoid when choosing what brand you use.

Other than that, I think the simplest rule is really to just stick to one plate a day and that allows you not to have to overthink things too much but when you get used to it and want to get more serious about eating healthier then you could start substituting healthier ingredients gradually.
I like the one full but average size of plate. I think this one is gonna be effective and also programming your mind that you can eat a lot of food you want but just using this average size of plate. You are very excited to eat and make your plate full.
I always brush my teeth when I feel hungry. I don't know why but it's effective to me. When I brush my teeth I don't feel hunger or crave. Maybe it's fooling my brain.
Well things that I like about OMAD forum are the things they are sharing. Its really helpful. And when I started to follow OMAD somehow I feel more productive that I'm doing something for myself. And for me to be more healthy and follow the tips I'm getting from here.
The only tip I can share with you is that make sure you are really gonna do this diet. Because it will really change a lot of your lifestyle not just your eating habit. Think about it first and seriously make a decision for yourself.
I guess experimenting with food and physical activity while on OMAD is worth it because I believe that dieting is on a case to case basis. That means what diet works for you may not be that effective for me. However, we can learn from the experiences of those who went ahead with OMAD that’s why I am roaming around this site to check on the past discussions where I can harvest some good ideas for dieting.
Even though many people discover the intermittent fasting protocol when looking for a way to lose weight, this is actually only one of the many benefits that fasting has for our body.
Not only does it help protect our brain from serious illnesses like Alzheimer’s, but it can also slow down the aging process, and stimulate the important hormones that we need to stay healthy, especially as we are growing older.
When insulin is low, then autophagy can happen to clean up our damaged cells, and HGH is released, Fasting releases many times more of this hormone than is just released from natural sleeping at night.
Another benefit for men, is that this also increases their natural testosterone levels and helps them to build muscle.

Since Alzheimer’s has been called a type of diabetes, and diabetes is caused by over production of insulin, then preventing this horrible disease is an even more important reason for intermittent fasting than losing weight is.
Cancer cells can only feed on sugar, so when we are being fueled by fat ketones, cancer cells starve themselves to death; so once again, IF is helping us avoid a deadly disease.

For me, probably reading about these amazing benefits was the most important thing about OMAD. Reading online books and watching videos is probably what I would consider the most helpful thing.
There is just a whole lot of information right here on this website, and if a person reads through some of the blog articles, you will learn everything that is necessary to get started on intermittent fasting and eating one meal a day.
Try eating a lot of meats while minimizing your carbo. Eating beef and pork for me is the best because it takes long for our body to process it hence you won't get hungry for an extended period of time.
I always brush my teeth when I feel hungry. I don't know why but it's effective to me. When I brush my teeth I don't feel hunger or crave. Maybe it's fooling my brain.
Just so you know, most toothpastes have some sweetness in them and therefore will technically break your fast. But don’t take my word for it- look it up. I don’t want anybody to unwittingly sabotage their fast. Hope this helps.
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