The meal after the workout or before the workout?

This question was raised by a colleague the other day when we were talking about diets. She said that she feels tha she eats more when she does the workout before the meal time. And when she does the workout in the late afternoon then that seems more effective. I think it’s a good idea to observe your body to determine which style of workout vis-à-vis eating a meal is better, before the meal time or after.
I used to think that I’d have to have a meal or at least a small snack before working out, otherwise I might end up passing out in the middle of my exercise. Well, one day I decided to cast my inhibitions aside and simply do my workout on an empty stomach.

I can honestly say that I didn’t see neither an improvement nor a deterioration in my performance. I was working out at the same pace and had the same levels of energy.

In fact, studies have shown that you actually burn more fat while exercising on an empty stomach. I recall seeing a study where they compared the results of two groups of runners, one group which ran on an empty stomach and one which ran after a meal. The group that ran on an empty stomach actually burned up 20% more energy than the group that ate, meaning exercising on an empty stomach is an effective means of weight loss.
Oh, I'm totally like you before I would be eating a snack before my exercise. In that time my belief is that it will give me more power to do my exercise. I forgot that my objective is losing weight so I should not be eating a snack before exercise. Later on, I learned that it is better to exercise with empty stomach.
When you are only eating one meal a day, then you probably eat very close to the same amount of food each day, regardless of when you eat it; because our stomach only hold so much food.
At first, I also thought that I should have at least a protein drink before exercising each morning, but now I have found that I do just fine without it. Even on days when I feel “low-energy”, once I am actually in the water and swimming, all of my energy and alertness returns, and I really enjoy the swimming for an hour. I swim around 3/4 of a mile just about every morning, and when I come home, it is around noon, and that is when I have my meal for the day.
Since I usually have some kind of salad with an olive oil and vinegar dressing, and a protein (maybe fish); I can have all of the salad I want and not worry at all about overeating.
What I do now, is have a mug of “Bombproof coffee” (coffee with heavy cream), and that doesn’t kick me out of ketosis, but it does give me just a little something in my tummy because I take my morning meds and vitamins before I go swimming.
I agree that it's best to just observe our own body's reaction instead of trying to force a routine on ourselves just because it works for others. I have heard that working out before the meal is supposedly optimal but I myself feel a lot more comfortable being active when I've already had my meal. Trying to move too much before I've had my meal just doesn't feel very natural to me even though I know I could force myself to do it.
I did more of what my body wanted,my body will be more effective if I exercise before eating,I also tried exercising after meals I realize that I feel very heavy and exercising become impossible not to talk of exercising for long unlike when I exercise in the mornings before taking my day meal.I think one should try out and see which works better for the body.
What Jimmy says is that we should do our exercise routine shortly before we have our daily meal. He recommends not doing it first thing in the morning, if you are not eating until many hours later, and will be hungry during that time.
On the other hand, you burn a lot more fat when you exercise in a fasted state, so it is not good to exercise after eating either. Also, I have noticed that it is hard for me to exercise when I have had a meal, even a small one.
Our body is busy trying to digest the meal, so it can’t put the energy into exercising like it can when we exercise at the end of our fasting window.

Here is the article on the website, and this explains everything really well.
I would take my meal after workout to replenish all the energies I've used in my workout. Taking it before workout would just burn my energy reserves and that to me would be counter productive since I need energy for the next 22 hours until I get to have my meal again.
I know and have heard of the benefits associated with taking food after a work out. I however have a strict day period that only allows me to exercise in the morning. During the day my work takes too much of my time up until the evening when its time for my OMAD.
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