Spices for weight loss

I only hear about spices that can aid in weight loss. I research some of them. Here are some spices that can aid weight loss.

1. Cayenne pepper
2. Fennel
3. Cinnamon
4. Cardamom
5. Black pepper
6. Fenugreek
These spices are said to aid metabolism. Good metabolism leads to good digestive system. Good digestive system helps in weight loss.
I've never heard that cinnamon or cardamon aids weight loss, I guess you learn something new everyday. I love both and I use them to season my food every so often.Cardamon is actually one of my favorite spices. I love it especially in tea with cloves and black pepper. I have definitely heard of pepper as a way to speed up metabolism. Anyone who has ever heard pepper knows how true this is. With pepper you can't eat alot and you have to go for a long call, after our meal(at least for me). I love cayenne pepper best because it is not too hot but still spicy.
I have seen an episode about using spices as means of weight loss. Having seen the before and after results on T.V is really convincing. It's said that eating spices helps increase your metabolism and at the same the heat increases the fat loss.
My husband had tried this type of diet by eating hot pepper every day. He would pick 2 or 3 red pepper from our backyard garden then crush it to be mixed in his food that usually is meat. He was losing 1 pound a week but there was no change in his routine particularly with his exercise and the volume of food that he eats. However, on the 2nd week of his spicy diet, his stomach started complaining so he quit that diet. I have no endurance for hot food so I couldn’t try that kind of diet.
I also think that spicy foods are good in a diet. There are Filipino artists who do that thing. I think they are a good example.
I like spices from a flavoring perspective - when I use spices I feel like I don’t need to rely on oils or butter for taste, so there’s a calorie benefit there. Any other health benefits are just icing on the cake, so to speak!
Just to add both Ginger and Turmeric are very effective in aiding weight-loss. They're also very good in cleansing the body and protects the digestive syatem. It contains a lot of essential vitamins and minerals plus a good dose of antioxidants.
I have read a lot online about using spices like this to lose weight though I add my spices like black pepper to my food but I don't know how effective it has been but will use of them daily.
We all like spices in our home and sometimes we add them in any meal but I have never heard that spices can cause lose weight if it would be so I would not need to keep a diet because I eat very spicy.
I don't know how effective the spices for losing weight, and I think it's hard to notice that, because they're just an ingredients in a food, maybe if you just make a soup without anything aside from spices.
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