Soda is like beer, makes you gain weight.

When I was younger, I heard my father telling my mother that soda is just like beer because it can give you a beer belly. I didn’t believe that because I thought my father was just joking. But now I understand his logic because I got my bulging tummy from drinking soda. I don’t know why I got addicted to soda that I cannot eat well without having soda beside my plate. Of course, I have to quit on soda when I go on full OMAD that’s why I am now down to 1 soda per day and probably no more soda next week.
I think I saw a video once that soda are just pure sugar so technically your drinking liquid sugar. I can still relate to you I also experienced addiction in drinking sodas. I stopped because it is not really good because it have too much sugar. I shift from drinking soda to drinking natural citrus juices like lemon or orange juice.
I think sugar is just as addictive as other drugs! I've found that since doing OMAD I barely consume sugar in artificial forms at all, and it's helped me so much - from clearing my skin to helping me lose weight and feel more energetic overall!
I have experienced being addicted to sodas and sweet drinks before but that was when I was in my preteens and didn't really know any better. I would drink either sodas or juice with every meal and because of it combined with eating food that was too salty I got kidney stones. Thankfully I didn't have to go through any drastic solution but that alone was enough to scare me into drinking water all the time instead and now I drink soda only during special occasions.
No one can blame you for getting addicted to soda. Fun fact: studies have shown that sugar is actually eight times more addictive than cocaine. That’s right, one of the most common ingredients found in most foods and almost every kitchen is more addictive than a hard drug.

In their studies, scientists gave a group of lab rats the choice of two different sources of water; one infused with cocaine, the other infused with sugar. The rats constantly returned to the sugar water as opposed to the cocaine water. Not to mention that MRI scans of human brains showed that the same pleasure receptors which respond to drugs also respond to sugar, only more intensely.

At 24.4g of sugar per 7.5 oz can of Coca-Cola, it’s no one wonder one would get addicted after consuming that much sugar on a daily basis. It's best to slowly wean yourself off of it by switching to alternatives such as flavored sparkling water, or even just adding a squeeze of lemon to a regular glass of water.
It is funny that soda has so many side effects. I never realized just how serious a problem it was. I currently drink soda, Coke to be exact, and I have had no problems with weight gain or any other side effects. We should also state that in people who already have ADHD or even bipolar depression at times it is not as harmful but more beneficial. In a study conducted it was also proven that avid coffee drinker are more suceptible to suicide. I haven't seen any report like that about soda drinkers.
I used to like soda too and coca cola was like my best drink and it gave me a big round ball belly from the addiction and when I wanted to start my weight loss journey I was told to dump the habit. The funny thing is that soda doesn't contain any beneficial nutrients,it only gives sugar and excessive calories to our body which makes it harder to lose weight.So the best bet is dumping it totally and I just ditch it for just water which is better and water has zero calories and more beneficial to the body.

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