Should You Tell Others About The Omad Diet?

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The benefit of having a companion, it encourage both of you to work more with those routine. Aside from that, there will be someone to look how much effort you still have to put or work more, so they also serve as basis and guide.
I told my fiance that was staying with me few months ago about the good things of Omad. The reality is that she got to be of immense support with loads of encouraging words that I can make it happen. I agree that letting others know will always be of good support to me since you won't like to fail since others are now aware of the whole thing involved on Omad. Also, some of friends started doing Omad when I explained to them what the diet plan is all about.
When something is useful to you, it's only normal that you tell others about it in order to get the serious ones to join doing that and benefit from it as well.

From the looks of things, OMAD is too great to keep the information on it closed tight. The world needs to be made aware of the benefits of doing OMAD, so they can enjoy it as well.
I totally agree that having someone to support and motivate you while your on a diet is really helpful for you to reach your goal. They will understand how dedicated you are towards your goal and won't tempt you with foods again. I am someone who always share my experiences with my friends and family. I will like to have someone with the same journey with me.
It is always good when you have friends who you do things in common to be on the same diet. The encouragement rate is higher more so due to the fact that you can interact with one another at a personal level. I think we should strive as much as we can to spread the good gospel to our colleagues and friends who may take up the idea positively.
I like your last sentence who will take up the diet positively. I think we just need friends that would encourage us than demotivating us because some don't even believe or understand the diet at really our duty as beneficiaries to enlighten people and shsre the benefits with them.
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