Should you take all supplements during your one meal?

Is it recommended to only take all of your supplements during your one meal? I take vitamin D vitamin C magnesium zinc chlorella and spirulina daily. seems like too much for the body to maximize at one time
Can you spread it out during the hour? probiotics should ideally be after the meal as it needs foods to work effectively. I take my marine collagen just as I open my fast, multivitamins while eating, probiotics and others straight after food, chlorella 2 hours after food (as this detoxes the body so you don't want to flush out the other vitamins before they are absorbed)
Probably be the best solution figure out which supplements must be taken with food for maximum absorption and which can be taken on an empty stomach.
I have to assume that you're compromising on absorption when ingesting everything within 1 hr plus adding your one meal which is loaded the nutrients as well...
Our body releases digestive enzymes and begins the digestive process when we eat food. When you take a supplement (pill/capsule), the body does not recognize it as food, and often does not properly digest it.
If you take supplements along with something to eat or drink, then you are much more likely to get the benefit of them.
I don’t see why it would make any difference between taking a variety of supplements than eating a variety of foods ?
If you need to take medications at a different time, then just have something small to drink along with it. I have to take my heart medication morning and evening, and I have a cup of coffee with heavy cream in the morning with my meds, and since my OMAD meal is usually early afternoon, I am still digesting the protein at night, and the meds will go right in with that digestion.
Even though a tiny bit of food can stop autophagy, it is not likely to stop a person from losing weight and getting healthy, and it will help your supplements to be used by your body.
I don't take any supplement at all. As long as I ensure that my meal is packed with all the nutrients I need even if I'm only eating once in a day, I'm confident that my health would be just fine
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