Should i stop OMAD after achieved my ideal weight?

I have started intermittent fasting and OMAD since 2017. I was about 88 kg in 2017 and now 53 kg 2022. Total have lost almost 30 kg+ . I'm currently doing 2 OMAD (breakfast and lunch). I eat till 12pm like a Buddhist Monk and after 12pm is water till the next day.

I did try to take back normal 3 meals a days during the weekend but find it very hard and encounter problems like my stomach don't process foods in the evening, i need to stay up midnight to burn it.

Anyone has this problem? TQ!
Congratulations, you have an excellent result! My opinion (but keep in mind that I'm not a doctor!): When you choose some kind of weight loss tactic, and then refuse it, then your diet was in vain. Proper nutrition, in our case, the omad diet, is what you should follow if after such a diet you do not have health problems. If you have lost weight on such a diet in an adequate time - you can continue to eat in this way. But it's better to go to the doctor