Physical and mental benefits of fasting

Happy to read all those postive benefits of OMAD in my physical and mental health. Now I became excited of the result of what I am doing with my body. OMAD may be hard at first but this benefits are so good that the hardships we will face at the start are nothing to compare to it.
Intermittent fasting is a revolutionary diet and healthy too. If it can do all these including lifespan prolong is something worth looking for.

Am sure it acts as an antiaging.
I can relate to the article completely. Speaking of the mental aspect of OMAD, myself, I noticed how I feel a lot more stable psychologically when doing OMAD. Excessive eating makes you feel tired, whilst doing OMAD makes you feel a lot more energetic. Indeed, my body feels a lot more lighter as well. Physically I noticed how I have an overall better state of health, and in part even my breathing becomes easier (I have breathing problems due to Tahicardia).
The main reason I was content with my OMAD is not primarily due to losing weight and belly fat as I intended, but also because I have shown myself that I have a strong will to restrain myself from bad things!

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