Parkour style workouts

I am genuinely interested in trying parkour for the first time. For those who don't know what parkour is, it's like free running, but you jump over obstacles and buildings to get to other locations. I've always wanted to do it and add it to a workout routine.

Has anyone here ever tried it? I might be going out with some friends next weekend to do some parkour and free running. They're going to teach me some tricks of the trade. :D
Me doing parkour would be a sight to see. A sight I don't think I'd want anyone to see lol. But seriously, parkour is not for me. Maybe free running, as I can see that being less scary. But I don't know if I would ever try them as a workout.
I would like to do parkour workouts. It's perfect for adventurous and active people. You will get to experience action moves done by actors hahahha.

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