OMAD without a Gall Bladder

Hi. This is going to be interesting.

I'm considering starting a Blog to spur myself on and keep a record on how OMAD works for me. It's been a long time since my last huge effort. That was not eating for 7 days. That's another story all together and quite a different intention to OMAD. That effort did result in 18 months of clean eating and reaching an optimal weight that left me feeling like I was 20 compared to my then 46 years of age. Since that time, I have regressed for whatever reason and now at age 50 ... once again morbidly obese and feeling quite sick.

Living like a yo yo is no fun, none the less it is what it is. That said, I have learned to ride those waves. Now having reached a new peak, I have decided to give this OMAD a fair go.

My approach is going to be centered around the fact that I don't have a gall bladder. Eating one large meal out of the blue simply won't work for me. In fact that's just asking for trouble ... as it relates to me and my body. Digestion is a HUGE part of the equation and the way I approach that is going to be key.

Enough said. I'll link a Blog later as this really is my first stepping stone. I'll pop in from time to time with hopefully some inspiring updates in the motivation section of this forum. I'll probably have a few questions. I'm just a newbie and make no great claims. I think trialing things for ourselves is the best way. Especially for those of us with broken anatomies.

Here's to a new undertaking!

~ Dave.

Jimmy Swartz

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@Dave Welcome to the forums! I'm happy to hear you are going to give Omad a try. Always remember, it's not how you start your journey, but how you finish it. I would also advise speaking with a physician in regards to your diet before starting. Keep us updated on your progress!
Thanks for the concern and disclaimer. : ) I am more up to date re my condition than is my GP. If I had listened to my GP on everything I would in many cases be worse off. I've been in this game for a long time now. I know my weaknesses and what I must work on. What I don't know I will find out through experimentation on myself. As has always been my game.

The way I approach any task plays 99.9% into the outcome. At least that's my philosophy. In this regard I think differently to your own. I guess we all learn differently. I aim not to make OMAD a religion and have no real intentions to make it full time. (However that outlook is always open to change) I do however intend to report my findings as someone well versed in living long term without a gall bladder. Again ... TY for your concern and recommendation.

I am approaching this all rather slow. I am tending to the idea with 2 meals a day. Those being prepped with digestion in mind as too the way I approach with my doings, times and so on. Going without in between those two meals will be my fist point of call in dealing with cravings. Nutrition is also something I have not much faith in when it comes to local health care professionals. This too I already know what works for myself. I'm not here to preach, but I have no qualms in sharing my lack of faith with current systems. The state of health care speaks enough on that front.

Once I get a run on I'll link my Blog ... for now I want to get a weeks worth up and running to prove to myself I am in the right mind set.


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We all fast overnight, for some amount of hours, and when I started with OMAD, I first started with intermittent fasting, and then slowly worked my way into OMAD.
At first, I just had an earlier dinner every day, so I would have a longer fast overnight, and then I started paring down what I had for breakfast, and ended up with a protein drink before heading off to the fitness center each morning to swim.
Now, I usually just have morning coffee, and then have my OMAD meal after getting home from the fitnesss center, but some days I do still have part of a protein bar in the morning .

It sounds like you are doing a lot of research on how to stay healthy without a gallbladder, and I am looking forward to hearing how you go about this, with mixing the benefits of fasting along with the modification you need for your health condition.
Thanks for the reply. The research does help but does me no good when I give in so easily as unless I try for myself I will never really know. I must admit I am struggling with so much else going on in general. Fact for me is my other disabilities that play into things but I don't want to harp on about those other than to say there is a mental component I need to work on. Compulsion and Addition I think enough said.

Basically I struggle very much with starting a new regime as I am typically one for extremes. I am aware that balance must be reached at some point and I like the fact that you mention how you have a protein bar here and there. The coffee is a trigger for me (at this stage) due to the fact I can't drink my coffee without a sugar and also I am caffeine sensitive which does not stop me.

I am back at the gym which I find is helping. It's taking me quite a bit to up my cardio, however I find the outdoor trampoline has been really great for that since I started doing what re bounders call 'The Health Bounce' At the gym I sometimes do rowing but now responding well to doing a mild weights routine. There is a lot more to my approach and whilst I am still yet building up momentum and seemingly have a long way to go,I am pleased there are forums out there such as these to help people willing to give healthy living a go.

Thanks again for your reply. I find it encouraging and in fact has kind of kept me from eating today unnecessarily. My brain was telling me to eat lunch but I have to be honest and admit I am not really that hungry.

I think I just drink water instead. :)

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